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Extracurricular activities occupy a special place in the daily life of our school, in fact we are convinced that extracurricular activities promote student success.
Extracurricular activities help to create strong bonds between students, they allow young people to surpass themselves, experience success and shine.
These educational actions are all opportunities to arouse the curiosity of our children, to raise their awareness and give them a taste for learning.
We want our young people to enjoy school, avoiding locking them into a system based on the classic methods of lectures which would freeze them into a passive attitude towards their education.
Each class, from kindergarten to 6th grade, has its own extracurricular activities. Some activities are specific to each level of education while other activities are aimed at all of our classes. Read more...

our recent activities

Plastic arts workshop

The plastic arts workshop organized by the arts club for the benefit of the students of the Marquise school...

sports competition

competitions and tournaments organized by the school for the benefit of the students...


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