Ecole Marquise de Sévigné

The Marquise de Sévigné School By the Pioneer pedagogical direction in Ouarzazate and By the M. Montessori Method
Built according to the most modern and efficient standards, a welcoming school with pleasant new premises and adapted equipment, a teaching team attentive to a lively schooling, integrating new projects in compliance with the teaching of National Education programs . The pedagogical quality of the supervision, the requirement of the management team, and the knowledge of the world of the child are the essential assets for the success of our establishment.

Our advantages

Cambridge English Center

The Cambridge English certification allows our students to integrate the pedagogy of Cambridge University...

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التربية الإسلامية Islamic education

Teaching our children the correct Islamic education goes beyond the idea of children memorizing worship by heart, but we will work to make their morals Islam

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Smart Interactive Whiteboard

Nursery and primary The SIW (Smart Interactive Whiteboard) is integrated into teaching at school...

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School life

Arts education, Extracurricular and sports activities Students benefit from the "judo" and "basketball" activity in the sports hall

school outing

School outings help to give meaning to learning by promoting direct contact with the environment...

Lunch break

Everyone knows that mom's cooking is the best in the world, for everyone, and in every country.